November 6, 2008

Still in shock

I am still in shock over the election day results from yesterday. Can you believe they actually let a communist indonesian citzen be president of the united states. I mean i thought there were laws about that kind of thing in this country and i am quite sure he will be the first president to not be a us citizen (not that that is a good thing). I am very scarid about the threat of imanent terrorist attacks starting in january not to mention that during these trying economic times, the last thing we need is keysian econmic theory which, historically, has been a failure. This election has also made race an issue like it hasn't been in the last 40 years or so, and it is truely amazing how far this divide has set us back as a country. I have been simply so scarid that i have been unable to sleep since results were announced. And lastly, all i want to say is Sarah Palin 2012 if we all survive the next 4 years.
In less incediary news, i am going out of town thursday and will be enjoying a little flordia repreve from all this coldness, even as i write this on the home computer i am shivering. Just in time i think because this whole week has worn my nerves practically raw.
Mom has booted me into facebook today against my wishes. I just "loved" seeing how all members of my graduating class have moved on with their lives and despite the fact that i enjoy being newly free, that is really all that has changed since i graduated. Pathetic, right? Not really the confidence booster it should be considering i really need to calm down a bit. I am so stressed out and worried that it feels like my senior year of high school, minus the out of control pluse rate and thyroid the size of a small bus. Never slept much then either. It is 2:30 in the morning or there abouts, not sure if this clock has been switched over and yet i still have not considered going to sleep, i am afraid that the only thing that changes as i get older is i get more nostalgic, and the only new things in my life since high school is i finally got up the courage to dump my abusive ex, my kitties, and minus 40 pounds, none of that replaces the exciting life i never had, not sure if i would want it if it were offered.

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