November 14, 2008

Florida November 2008

Welcome home to me I guess, although i would much rather have stayed i know it is time to return to nashville, physically at the very least. It was an awesome trip (well the disney parks were as amazing as i remember at the very least) you would not believe the lack of lines, i was so happy :) i did not have to wait more than 20 minutes for anything and i actually won dream fastpasses. It was an awesome trip and i will tell you little cole (pictured) was so happy to see me back he hasn't left my side all week, isn't he precious :). Mostly i am a photographer at heart so i am posting a ton of pics from the trip. Moreover i can happily say that i am a lot more relaxed (maybe too much but that is not the point :)) and i am savoring the possiblities for the future. I have also decided to plan my own spring break, never done it before so that is mega exciting. After attending disney world and being enchanted by it for years i have realized the one thing i have been missing all along, Disneyland. And so for spring break i am planning a trip to the california park, and you can bet that i am so excited, it will be my first trip to the one that started it all and sort of a pilgramage of sorts. If i can make this work, i forsee alot of disney globe trotting in the future perhaps including a visit to the French park, with its radically different menu of offering. This year at Epcot introduced a facinating new exhibit with a scale model of the terra cotta army found at the tomb of the first emperior of china, even at their diminutive size, the sight was still the most amazing thing i had ever seen, I must see detour if i ever make it to HKDL. To me, and i know it seems silly, but this is my dream vacation, i want to visit all the world's disney destinations and see all of it for myself.


Juliette said...

Did you buy the sombrero?
It looked really good on you :)

Katrina said...

nope, it is cute though isn't it! I never buy hats period especially when they are twice my size (LOL)

Anonymous said...

You made some excellent points there. I did a search about the topic and almost not got any specific details on other websites, but then happy to be here, seriously, appreciate that.

- Lucas

Katrina said...

Lucas, I'm glad i can help. i go there alot so any questions you have i can probably answer them