August 29, 2012

Tea Time

    Hello Cyberspace! Happy Wednesday...yea I know it's not a holiday but I couldn't really think of another reason I was posting today of all days so I thought that sounded as good as anything else I was liable to come up with. Lame, I'll grant lol. 

   Anyway, there isn't much going on in the world of me lately. There is a massive reorganization going on downstairs at home. My apartment is on the landing halfway up so there is a lot of dust making its way into my space. I've got a problem with dust, an allergy really, and the first few days after the whole thing started were pretty miserable for me. Fortunately, I've discovered my system is pretty screwed up. I mean how I respond to allergens and stuff. There are two ways I've found to stop myself from coughing. One is a very cold shower with water running up the nose...yea I said in turning your head upside down. As you can imagine that isn't a terribly practical thing to do regularly. 

   Fortunately for me, I found a second way. TEA. Mint tea with a TON of honey. I've never been much of a tea drinker, though I did drink it around the christmas holidays, mint with sugar at that point and a touch of honey. This time, no sugar and all honey on the sweetner..which is good I guess bc it's totally natural, nothing dangerous about peppermint leaves and honey. But the sheer quantity I'm drinking right now is insane. Practically all day every day. Which means I'm buying honey twice a week at this point. 

   But I've also discovered that not all mint teas are created equal. Celestial Seasonings has a candy cane tea released as part of their holiday series around christmas time which was really great. What they did which was interesting is they added some vanilla to it, so the flavor is sweeter and less papery than some of the ones I've tried lately. Word of caution with Celestial Seasonings though, I bought their gingerbread tea bc my mom likes to have ginger to settle her stomach. It has soy in it. Now what part exactly of a tea leaf does SOY come off of? There is no reason that should be in tea of any sort and I'm not just saying that because my mom and I happen to be allergic to it.

     Bentley tea is the worst of the ones I've tried so far. Bentley Mint tea just tasted like muddy water. I actually dumped the entire cup in the sink and will not be using any more out of that box. The sad thing is I filled my portable tea tin (more on that in a minute) with the bentley yesterday and as a consequence worked until midnight with nothing to drink at the office. NOT FUN. 

  Bigelow teas are pretty widely respected and actually have two three variations of the "mint tea". Bigelow Plantation mint is a spearmint tea, not alot of flavor bc spearmint is alot softer than peppermint but it's still miles above bentley. Bigelow Peppermint tea is actually not bad at all but has a bit of a papery aftertaste so drink it fast, don't sip. Bigelow Mint Medley is today's office tea. It's, as you might guess, a mix of peppermint and spearmint, with rose hips, lemon peel and hibiscus. I don't really get the lemon peel, and strangly enough you can taste it but I kinda wish I couldn't because it doesn't add anything palatable to the tea. Bigelow has the same problem as Celestial Seasonings in that both seem to feel that in order to have less traditional flavors you must add SOY to them. Pretty much all their fruit teas that I've seen and their holiday blends are all soy filled. 

   By far the best mint tea I've ever had is a peppermint that was made by Yogi tea. I've not seen it in the store recently but it's one of a very few peppermint teas that I've found taste good both cold and warm. Most mint teas really don't work when they're cold. Idk why but there is something about the natural coolness of the mint and the hot beverage that blends just nicely. 

   But when I say I had honey to it, I mean I add alot of honey. I was using a jar of local honey the week before last and it was 4 teaspoons full per cup of tea. Now with the honey bears it's like 6 squeezes. Word of caution there as well, last week I bought a Sue Bee brand premium honey at the store. That stuff is terrible. Flavor wise. Maybe it's just because prior to that I was using natural local origin honey, but it really was just awful. I finished it because I'd paid money for it, that's literally the only reason. It was that bad. It serves the function of a cough suppressant so I don't have to rely on nyquill anymore (which is good because I don't like being knocked out) and dayquill really lacks the antihistamine which is the only thing that does a damn thing for my allergy so for me dayquill is pretty much useless. 

   Portable Tea tin is an idea I came up with yesterday and it seems to work just fine (except for the aforementioned bentley swill from earlier) The idea is pretty simple. About 5 years ago, I purchased a tea sampler from disney world while visiting. It consisted of 4 small tins with foil wrapped tea bags inside. Having finished that tea primarily by serving it to guests (which was the entire purpose of purchasing that as I only drink mint), I had the empty tea tins sitting on one of my two last remaining bookshelves after the rest kinda fell apart on me. 
   Anyway, I've had these small size tins for years and yesterday on my way into the kitchen I had an idea. I took one of the tins, a "green tea" tin featuring Jasmine from the aladdin films and the legend "disney storybook tea" (anyone who is not familiar with it, it was the tea sold in disney shops prior to the wonderland tea which came out in like 08 I believe and features the YOU MUST TRY mad tea party tea. I serve it to guests and brew it just for the way it smells, apricots and blossoms in the tea, smells like heaven) The small size tin was perfect for a handful of mint tea, should be just enough to get through the day. And the tin is small enough to be very portable. Fits easily into my computer bag or my purse for transit. All in all, very glad I kept those little tins :)

 My birthday has come and gone since the last time I was in the bloggisphere. I don't wanna say how old I am though, I'm getting to the point nowadays where I really don't even like admitting it to myself. My family isn't helping. They make a point of mentioning the exact number of years I have until I reach 30 as if it were a ticking time bomb. I'm of the opinion that I'm going to be one of those people that will not willingly reach 30...the stereotypical turning 29 15 times...that's going to be me, just you wait and see. I'm sensitive about growing older at all. It seems crazy and it's just a recent preoccupation of mine but I really just don't like the idea that I am getting older. Seriously, if someone guesses my age, I'm really angry if they get it right, isn't that a bit crazy? I much prefer it when people don't think I look anywhere near as old as I'm told that I am. I don't FEEL old. I don't think I look old. But the realization that I'm not a teenager, that I haven't been one in several years isn't very comfortable for me at the moment. 

   It's been bothering me since graduation I think. I kept thinking when I got out of college, life was going to start. So far, it's really just more of the same. Worrying about the same things I've been worrying about for years, paying the same bills, working all hours and with LESS of a social life than I had in college bc I'm not around people my own age like at all. I spend all day and sometimes all night at my desk working on paperwork and making calls. The "funfilled" weekend usually involves laundry and housework. Maybe I'm bored or maybe I need a vacation, I don't know. It just feels like there is something huge that's missing. It's sad when all I really have to talk about is tea and books. (like I'm at 67 in the book challenge thing). Though lately I've been working so much I haven't had much time for reading, just paperwork, I keep working on the pile and all it seems to do is grow. 

  AND I had a whole list of things I wanted to do for my birthday. Instead I ended up not feeling well bc of all the dust and I had dinner out and went home. That's it. No fun, nothing different or interesting...Just food. It was a nice meal don't get me wrong, I hadn't been to the place in ages so that was grand but I really do get so damn sick of doing the same thing every day. Nothing ever changes. 8 months of monotony is enough to drive anyone off the end of the rails but I'm too busy worrying about everything to actually stop and smell the roses. 

   We had the family reunion at the beginning of August which was really the only vacation I've had in a year, not really sure that qualifies as a vacation but it was nice to see some of the people. There are new babies pretty much constantly in the wilson's side, three new ones since January, with 3 more expected by the end of the year (all girls on the expecting, two boys and a girl on the ones that have come already (malachi, amira and noah- I've not met Noah yet but Malachi was adorable and Amira couldn't have been more AWWWW if she tried) ) I'm glad personally for all the little ones because, to me, they are my grandma wilson's legacy. See she had all these children who continued to have children and have children and each new little face is a continuation of her. In some of the little faces that have been around in the last couple years, they make me think about her, about the fact that this is her family, and that as long as these children continue to grow up and someday have their own families, a little part of her lives on. Seems silly I know but that's why I'm so insistent about these reunions and why I can't recall ever missing one. There was some discussion at this year's reunion about only running them every other year. I don't agree with that at all. Granted it isn't my place to object and it isn't my house that's being used. But the big issue is when you stop having them, if you stop creating reasons for people to come together, for these new little ones to get to know their cousins and make friends with them, then you break these ties that we have to struggle to preserve because grandma and grandpa are now gone. I know grandma would've wanted everyone to stay together, to keep in contact with each other, to continue to be family and preserve those connections. When I was a kid, I couldn't wait to get to the reunion and see my favorite cousins. That's what I want for my new little cousins. For them to make friends and look forward to seeing them. It's a little thing but it creates a sense of community. 

   On an attempt to change the subject as I seem to have gone off in a tangent (not the first time on that) computer trouble yesterday. Couldn't get it on in the morning, it wouldn't charge and I asked Dad how easy it would be to get an extended battery. Well then he goes off on this tangent about how I must have torn up the charge jack on the side of the computer and ripped it away from the motherboard and how "careless" I must have been in the treatment of my computer. So after he's done berating me, I plugged my non functioning computer in, in the hope that perhaps it would start to charge after all. And then just left it alone. 

   A couple hours later my brother Bob came through the office. I showed him the cord and the plug and the fact that regardless of the computer being currently plugged in, it was refusing to charge. So he very simply restated my previous notion that there was something wrong with the battery and advised me to take the battery off. After doing so, the computer worked as it was meant to. SO after being told how irresponsible I was ad nauseum, it turned out I was right all along. Purchased a new battery on ebay for $15.00, it should be here soon. In the meantime, my laptop is temporarily a desk top, but I will say the entire unit is a heck of a lot lighter without the battery lol. 

   Once more shifting gears. I heard right before I left for the reunion that a friend of mine from high school died last month. It was someone I was really close to though I won't name them here because I don't really know what happened and it has to be terribly painful for his family to lose him at 23, and naming him might bring up more questions than answers at this point (however if someone who went to school with me wants to know just contact me privately and I'll tell you what I know about it, though it isn't alot just warning you now) I do remember talking to another classmate via the chat thing on facebook saying that honestly we are too young to be looking for classmates on the obituary site (which is actually one of the first things I did after I found out, just to see if it was true) It seems impossible that he's gone. He was one of the few people I kept in contact with after high school, I would ask his advice about things, we'd email back and forth and he never made me feel like I was wasting his time or that my questions were stupid. As a freshman at HFA, he was one of the first people I met that were nice to me in high school and I'll always be grateful for that. But more than that, he was one of the smartest people I ever met, funny and sarcastic and just really great person to know. He also had really pretty eyes. I don't mind mentioning now though I would've never dared to tell him that I used to have a huge crush on him. It seems so silly now and it never would have worked, personality wise and I KNOW for a fact he never liked me like that, even if he did, it still wouldn't have worked. But I am going to miss him all the same. With that in mind, I actually wrote a song, my first in many months, as sort of a tribute to him. No I won't share it here, because it's raw and not yet copywrited. I will say that writing it made me cry (admit idly, not hard to do) but that there was something cathartic about it. Also considering how simply uncreative I've been feeling lately, and the fact that I hadn't written anything new since like march, this was a big deal for me. It didn't lead to a big burst of creative energy, honestly I doubt that will come until I get some of the worry off my plate at the moment and can really focus on my music. But in some ways, it felt like the goodbye I never got. Anyone who knows me knows I don't deal well with loss. I don't like goodbyes and I nearly always lose any composure I have when I get near funerals. Some of it is my thanataphobia though I've been doing better with that as of late. But the idea of someone I knew well, someone who, in spite of the "oh god I'm old" vibe I've been feeling lately, was very young, too young to have gone, isn't something I was prepared for. It isn't something I thought I'd have to BE prepared for. 
  What makes matters worse is the person I'd normally talk to about this is the very person who just passed. How's that for irony. I tried talking about it to my friend shannon and she's a sympathetic ear and everything but it isn't the same. I'm not talking to mike right now and micheal isn't talking to me so those two are out. Like as not, mike wouldn't get it anyway. Made the mistake of talking to steven about too much stuff the last time we spoke so I don't think I'm going to do that either. And Jazz is too busy I don't wanna bother her. Kassandra doesn't work here anymore so when I do talk to her I have to be careful and mostly upbeat as per my bosses instruction, plus she's doing well and is really happy right now so she doesn't need to hear my problems. I sometimes go to my cousin Chris or my cousin Mattiniah but I don't think this is the kinda problem they'd like. For Mattiniah it isn't the sort of thing he can fix easily and Chris is just really too busy right now to listen. Doesn't make him a bad person but I don't wanna bother him. It just kinda feels like there isn't anyone I can talk to and I feel like I NEED to talk to someone, clear some crap off my chest I guess. HENSE the return to the silent impartial world of the bloggisphere. Because yea I keep a diary book, I have since I was a kid. But in the blog world, even if no one ever reads it, you can imagine in your head that someone out there is seeing it and cares. Even if it isn't true and you know it isn't true. I'm completely aware that no one reads this but me but the venting itself is therapeutic. 

Until Next time,

My car yesterday morning. I was headed to work yesterday and when I came around to the side of the building, it was peaking through the gate like that. I thought it was really cute, like a little puppy or something. 

My new scentsy product just came in. The scent bag is ALOT stronger than the bars are though so I'm gonna have to be careful where I leave this little thing lol I had thought of putting it in my "second bedroom" as a way to scent it without having to use electricity or find a plug which I'm not sure I can in there lol

June 20, 2012

Greetings to Cyberspace
   Another day another dollar. Life is pretty much trucking along at a snails pace this summer. But I did have a pretty amazing little day trip last week. The entire family headed down to Rock City last thursday and can I just say....WOW. The entire place looks a bit like a movie set. And while I am, as I'm sure everyone is aware, completely afraid of heights (which begs the question what exactly I was doing climbing a mountain in the first place.........also makes me wonder why I love planes so much...again doesn't make sense but whatever) so I wasn't spending my time leaning over the rail trying to imagine how far down it would be. Indeed...I got close enough to the rail once and that was it, and I fussed at my little brother who, like the ninny he can be, was climbing on the the top of a mountain...really not good for my blood pressure. 

   I have to say though, it was the walk up and back down that most interested me. There was this very amazing kinda vibe, like stepping into lord of the rings...or that planet with the teddy bear people from star wars.....there were these huge rocks everywhere, and babbling mountain brooks which formed tiny waterfalls (and of course lover's leap being a big BIG waterfall). The feeling though of this primal forest high up in the mountain. I mean you could really imagine trolls or fairies or something. Especially if you were out of sight of any other people, the surrealness of the place is just completely overwhelming.  

   In a word though, the narrow passes, the caverns, the little stone walkways, all of it was just beautiful. There is no other way to say it than that. And yea me climbing a mountain, it wasn't about the destination as I had no desire to stand at the edge and look was about the journey. And the journey was just amazing. 

   In an unrelated note, I'm still working on that little book project of mine. I'm at 50 in my list as of monday which is pretty cool I think :0 ). Really got into the Accidentally series by Dakota Cassidy. The books were just so funny and completely impossible to put down which is certainly a good thing. Honestly though I kinda took this on as a challenge to myself, to just see what I could do more than anything else. I don't have a set number I'm trying to reach and I'm not pushing myself to rush through things. I wanna just do what I can. 

   At work we had a girl quit like a month ago. So that means more work for me...but more work does not mean more money (bc I know that's what you were thinking there for a minute....). Some of the new things added to my list of stuff to do for the day are not really good at all. Right after she left I had several days where I didn't manage to leave the office until after 10:30. Still happens alot actually. Happened Monday of this week if memory serves (and it typically does). I'm kinda a night owl anyway so that part isn't so bad but sometimes being around here late, I get a bit jumpy. Last fall, I pulled a few all nighters, whereby I was at the office until after 1am a few times...once until something like 3:30 in the morning working on a term paper, so it isn't a new thing exactly but just once in a while, one of the late nights gets to me and I get kinda creeped out. 

      Business is doing pretty well though, all things considered. I mean I suppose calling it "booming" would be a bit of a misnomer, but it's certainly better than last year...though really it would be hard pressed to be worse. I'm trying to encourage Bob to step up and work these buyers, and I saw him kinda do that last week though this week it seems as if he is less interested in work. It's not like I wanna come up like "I'm your big sister listen to me" bc he never does and it's kinda wasting my breath but all the same I get so exasperated when he just doesn't seem to be doing it. All he gets is pissed off...ugh. 

     We are on a short hiatus with what I am terming "itty bitty readers theater" which is just really complicated to explain. I'm trying to get the director to give me a performance schedule but I guess he's just preoccupied or something. I had one of the other actors ask me if I knew when the next show was. Truth be told...I wish I did. We had it so well planned our first two weekends of shows went off pretty flawlessly...and that's with glitches and everything that is pretty common. It's a pretty weird experience though, these shows I mean. I really miss being on stage and while this really isn't the same thing, it lets me remember what I loved most about performing. I still believe it's what I wanna do for a living someday. I mean right now I am where I need to be, but not where I want to be...I know it doesn't make any sense but I still get that electric feeling when I see stage lights. I still feel that energy. You'd think the fact that I spent most of college (my last semester having a couple notable exceptions to that rule) staying off the stage, that I would be wanting to put my ambitions behind me. But I don't. I still feel like I did when I was a kid and I said that is what I wanna do when I grow up. I just consider myself not completely grown up yet and that just lets it be okay that I haven't done it yet. Maybe that's stupid...idk it probably is. But I can feel the way I feel and I don't think I should be willing to give up on anything that still matters so much to me. 


May 7, 2012

Hume Fogg Centennial And #40 in the challenge

Greetings to Cyberspace.

   Welcome to another edition of my own personal rant board (IE no one reads this but me but I really don't care)

  It was a pretty busy weekend all things considered. Cinco De Mayo first of all..I know it isn't really an actual holiday but still the celebration of it is something I've done since I was a kid. It's kinda a tradition at this point. 

  This past Saturday was also the Hume Fogg Centennial Block Party. Again all things considered not a bad experience. The school has changed alot since the last time I was back there. I'm kinda shocked how much. My old favorite lunch spot has been replaced with more lockers so I suppose no one gets to eat back there anymore. I pity, I had some pretty good memories sitting back there with friends. Also they replaced the antique hardwood floors in the front lobby. I'm sorry to see them go, they were, inspite of years of damage, still quite beautiful. Not that the new floors aren't mind you but it's just kinda sad that's all. 
   The tour guide (which they insisted upon even though it hasn't been that long since I went there and I wasn't liable to get lost plus he didn't know squat about the school's heritage) wasn't terribly helpful but he mentioned something I don't remember. He said Taylor Swift shot a music video there in 2005. I don't remember that and I was going to school there in 05. BUT there was that whole lost semester thing so perhaps that was when...idk. Not a fan of hers anyway so I doubt it matters. 
    The library was a shock too...Most of the shelves are gone. It looks like the place got robbed or something. The new librarian claimed some kinda reorganization or whatever, it doesn't look much like a library anymore though. Just a room that happens to have a couple bookshelves against the walls. Also they have dvds you can check out now....when did that happen?? And a manga shelf (one of the few shelves) which I'm sure most of the folks I hung out with in high school would've loved. 
   Another surprising addition was the vending machines. They used to just be in the basement at the little alcove which was under the front steps. Now there is one in the hall across from the library and another in front of the boy's locker room (not that I had any desire to go NEAR that area now or back then).
    He explained about another change too, that they started to group the kids into home rooms and that you had to sit in your advisor's section in an assigned seat in alphabetical order whenever assemblies were called. This change I don't see as being a good thing at all. Speaking as someone who would've rather sat with people she actually knew (which weren't the people next to me alphabetically), it rankles. I can't change it and it doesn't affect me at all anymore but still seems to be kinda curtailing the freedoms which were part of what made that school so special. 
   Ran into a couple familiar faces. I wasn't expecting to see many folks I knew so the ones I did, it was kinda a surprise. I didn't talk to Mr. Bruce. Nothing against him really but wasn't really all that nice to me when I was in his class. Not mean or anything but I was certainly mostly invisible. Hard to do considering I was in his class every single semester. 
   Mr Babb was interesting. I was never in his class but I was in the history club so I was pleased he remembered me. Mrs Robinson was there too and she definitely did. She saw me in the front lobby and told me she wanted to talk to me before I left there so I was happy about that. 
   I saw Mr. Cash too...but had no desire to speak to him. In his case, he was nice and everything, I had his class once, but I just didn't have alot of respect for the guy. Sorry to say he wasn't a good teacher. 
   The lecture hall has had a makeover since I graduated. It's got this new high tech system, apparently set up for like executive kinda presentations. It also, according to the tour guide kid, has computer stations and there was even little sofas over by the windows, I suppose for studying as that room was never really open as a place people could "lunch".
    Another spot which has changed some is the senior courtyard. By the time I was a senior, I knew that the anatomy classes used that space for disecting cats so it was never a place I was too keen to spend time. It's gotten alot more crowded. There are tons of tables out there now, of every miss-matched description. It used to look kinda sparce but certainly alot nicer. It kinda looks like a table junkyard now. 
    I did see some alumni I recognized, one of them waved to me but the rest just ignored me. There weren't that many there that I knew and the ones that were there, I never knew well so I kinda just brushed it off. I had more fun talking to the old alumns from the 70s about how it was when they went there. See that's what my tour group was made up of, so we all kinda swapped stories of what life was like at hume fogg at the times were were there. It was also cool to see all the antique docs they brought out. I went so crazy over this playbill they had from the 1920s for a show they did at hume fogg. It was really cool. Before I left though I made my way back to the main office to see the big seniors photoboard from the year I graduated. I'm not on it. I couldn't afford to use their photographer which is the only way I would've been on it. It doesn't rankle though. It's just one of those things that seems bittersweet. Looking at the faces of people I knew and remembering how many of them I never saw again is kinda sad when you think about it. When you're a kid in high school, you kinda just get this feeling sometimes like things are always going to be like that. But they aren't. You give everyone a hug at graduation, promise to keep in touch but that's it. You'll see them again someday, a familiar face in a crowd. I miss it sometimes. But you can't go back again. Would I if I could I don't know, probably not. I just think about it often. 

    After making an appearance at the block party (spending about two hours), it was off to the movies. I went to see the raven then the avengers both were good as I had hoped they would be. It was a pretty long day and I stopped off at applebees after the movie and the doppy waiter brought me lemonade. Now I did not order lemonade and I was too tired to notice what it was. That was until it made me sick...Lemonade always does which is why I don't drink it...ever. I ended up being sick all day sunday as a consequence. Stupid waiter. 

   But in more positive news I do have a couple things to report. First off, news on the extended family front, two of my cousins are expecting! congrats to them :) 

   Oh and lastly, Currently at #40 in my books challenge! yay!!! So that's kinda awesome. I didn't think I'd be doing half as well as I am when I started this so getting this far is pretty amazing. The year isn't even half over yet so I don't know what the rest of it will bring but that's quite good so far though :)

That's all for now :) Laters :)

April 4, 2012

My YAY moment

Okay so as most everyone knows by now, I'm in the middle of my little book challenge. Current tallies stand at 25 since January. Not too bad I think. But that's not the main reason for my presence in the bloggisphere this afternoon. Something pretty awesome happened this morning and I've been over the moon about it.

Last night I finished book #25, The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice. I was really moved by the story and when I was putting my "short summary" on the book list, I was inspired and ended up writing about half a page on it. Since it ended up being such a substantial block, I decided to post it as a review on amazon (normally my short summaries are just little blurbs and thus not worthy of review posting). After which I settled down for the evening with my inexplicably painful shoulder and book #26.

Upon logging into facebook this morning, I was over the moon. And why? Apparently last night my book review was read by none other than ANNE RICE herself!!!! And posted on her facebook page. I scrolled through the comments, amazed at just how many people agreed with my assessment, several of the comments were just amazing. As you can imagine I'm pretty excited!

So here below I will post my review text (provided it saves properly on here)

First, this is the post from her page showing my review!

Good night, People of the Page. I arrived in New York safely and I am in a charming hotel. All the way across the continent I watched CNN news, well, most of the time anyway, and I enjoyed it. Here:s a link to a review on Amazon that I thought captured something very particular about the Wolf Gift that not too many people have mentioned. Comments welcome -----
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And second, here are the comments.....lots of them aren't about me but I don't know how to just select those so here's everything....

And finally, the amazon review :)

Customer Review

16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Love it so much :), April 3, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Wolf Gift (Hardcover)
By far my favorite Anne Rice book to date. That is saying
something as I've read her stuff since I was a little girl.
In fact, the very first movie I went to see in the
theaters was interview with a vampire (I was 5 at the
time I think). While I will freely admit some of the
philosophical elements were a little over my head, I loved
the character of Reuben and Stuart.

Reuben I could relate to because he is like me, practically
my age and having grown up in a world I understand.
I felt like I could understand his moral dilemma and his
quest for something, anything that would make it makes
sense to him. He places his hopes in a person he's never met,
doesn't even know if they exist, in an attempt to try and
rationalize what is happening to him.

Stuart was hilarious, a bit like a puppy in his mannerisms
(ironic I know but you'll see what I'm talking about if you
read the book) and in his desire to know everything; and
to savor all that life has to offer. The author description
of him is a bit like a cherub but it's quite clear that he,
too, is the spirit of this age. He's full of vitality and
exuberance. It gives him a charm all his own.

But by far my favorite part of this is that while it has
tragic portions, it isn't a tragedy. At least not in the
same way that the Mayfair witches was. There was
something infinitely sad about the aforementioned
series that there isn't here. While you do see the
questioning of existence, and the ageless agnostic
questions, the simple truth that life can be wonderful
if you let it is seeping from the pages of the book.

Anne Rice's perception of the werewolf is also extraordinary
for a few reasons. She is returning to the Lon Cheney
standard, in that the man wolf is a combination of both
human and wolf traits, and not fully one or the other while
in the grips of the change. This is significant, particularly as
the modern perception of werewolves has been as wolves.

But there is also the point of fact where she is reinventing
the wheel. Essentially, in the idea that the werewolf is in,
for the most part, complete conscious control of his or
her actions. This is extremely significant as it pertains to
this new mythology Anne Rice is creating. It becomes the
cornerstone. They are cast as vigilante style heroes for the
most part. Unable to fully be embraced for the good they do
because of the blood that is shed when they do it. But this
does not tarnish the notion of her wolves as being
"good guys" for all practical purposes. I gave this book the
virtue of my unbiased observation, I refused to read
any reviews or anything that might prejudice my opinion.
But I can honestly say I loved this book for everything
that made it unique.
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"the simple truth that life can be wonderful if you let it"

Well said. :-)