September 3, 2009

Well, back to school time for everyone and once again back to campus for me. It always seems so odd to be back there after a long absence ( you know like my glorious 3 months of summer!). You walk around the familiar hallways, checking your scedule every five minutes. Am I in the right building? What floor was that again? Man this bag is heavy! And all those little familiar thoughts rising up in your head. I have been putting off bio class since I was a freshman as I am not particularly intersted in science. Now I see why. Not only is the building a 20 minute walk from where I have to park (that would be bad enough all by it little self) but it is also in this massively long classroom, it is so creepy to come in and see like 3 classes worth of people shoved into one room, I always get really creeped out by it. And then there the thing I noticed today (it's only the second day of this class so it really isn't so shocking that i didn't see it before) that my he who must not be named ex boyfriend is in that class too. Since the class is so large, the teacher decided to teach from the side of the class as opposed to the front just to make sure people are paying attention. And so I look over and get instantly sick to my stomach. there he is in his stupid little hat. I really tried, I know i did, but i can't help the fact that is has been a full 12 months and I still hate him. It sounds so petty to me and I just don't like feeling like that but honest to god I still hate him. Even writing this now I am getting nauseus.

In completely unrelated news, our family dog, copper, died last weekend of natural causes. He was laid to rest in a private service which I did not attend as I was with mick mick at the vet (he did good, didn't bite the doctor this time!)

Well, I'm off to TPAC to see wicked! See ya laters,