March 22, 2010

Money Issues

You know, the strange thing is that it never seems like i'm broke. But i am. Constantly. I have to pay my taxes and, believe it or not, I only made like 13 thousand and they want 2000 for taxes. Its completely retarded and what's more i don't have it. It would take me two months to get it if i didn't have any expenses whatsoever. Sucks I know. Last year was totally bad for realestate but that's not the part that matters. I've come to the conclusion that i need to get a second job. Problem? I hardly have enough time for school work as it is and i can't cut down on school hours because it would mean I loose my scholoships and wouldn't be able to attend at all. It just seems like there are too many things for me to really deal with because i can't take them one at a time, i have to get them done in bulk. I have to read a novel which keeps putting me to sleep and write a paper about said novel by wednessday. I have to memorize an entire speech in french, a language to which my natural proclivites towards pronunciation are inapplicable. I have to have my brother find time to change the bulb in my headlight (and i am not even sure if he got up today) I have like 3 files i still need to process and two dead contract which need to get all the paperwork handled on and about 100 withdraw and relists. I'm 5 chapters behind in the biology textbook, i have to make 90 packets from scratch (a week at least if i had time to focus on it by itself.) I have to complete two chapters in my french workbook which requires going to the language lab during operating hours and taking several hours to go over a tape that apparently they can't figure out how to copy, so if someone else from my class is there i have to either come back later or sit and wait and like i said it takes several hours to get through the material on it. i have a bio test on friday which since i am so far behind and it hasn't caught up with me yet (made a B on midterms) perhaps i'm still in the black as far as that is concerned. I haven't even gone to dance class in like a month because they moved it to tuesdays and fridays which are just soo busy i can't think about doing anything then. I still have to be at work everyday. I have to come to ceramics and spend hours on the wheel trying to make a 6 inch tall cylinder (and wheels-soo hard). I have 3 cats who need food and fresh water & litter constantly or they die :( I have two quizes to take for french class and i haven't even started the book for club next week. I skipped it last month because the same thing occured for which i never heard the end. My ceramics teacher showed us his disturbing artwork which included dead birds (and me with my thanatophobia (or as i call it Muertophobia)) not sculptures of dead birds don't mistake, actual dead birds which were incorporated into the work of what i loosely call art. I'm still having issues with that. I also drove past some roadkill this morning on the way to my first class and i swear my stomach didn't settle down until an hour or so later. And i've lost my keys, all of them not just my house keys. what's worse? The girl at the front desk gave me an extra office key and i've lost that too. not to mention several of my school folders have grown feet and walked off. i've been trying a couple of things to make up for the lack of dance class as a stress reliever. I baked like four pies since last monday. although i dropped one so i'm not sure if that counts. i've been getting in a stitch here and there on the blanket for a cousin of mine (not telling so you can't tell :) ) and naturally, several nice breaks on facebook games (trust me, when you are starting to stress playing for a mintue or so can really help.) I'm not well either to top it off, i had a regression of my thyroditis at the end of last year and i can't afford a doctor and i point blank refuse to indulge the obama care crapola (please don't get me started on that i can get really mad). I have typically been a pretty mellow person and this thyroid stuff gets my nerves so jumpy its hard to focus on this mamoth amount of stuff i have to handle. I wish i could say it's worth it but it really isn't i'm really getting nothing from all this stuff i'm taking on. i've stopped trying to get the information from aunt doris and uncle charlie that i needed because i'm sure both of them wrote it down when i asked. i've got to get started on the final tree mock up or it's never going to rock by july.