April 4, 2012

My YAY moment

Okay so as most everyone knows by now, I'm in the middle of my little book challenge. Current tallies stand at 25 since January. Not too bad I think. But that's not the main reason for my presence in the bloggisphere this afternoon. Something pretty awesome happened this morning and I've been over the moon about it.

Last night I finished book #25, The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice. I was really moved by the story and when I was putting my "short summary" on the book list, I was inspired and ended up writing about half a page on it. Since it ended up being such a substantial block, I decided to post it as a review on amazon (normally my short summaries are just little blurbs and thus not worthy of review posting). After which I settled down for the evening with my inexplicably painful shoulder and book #26.

Upon logging into facebook this morning, I was over the moon. And why? Apparently last night my book review was read by none other than ANNE RICE herself!!!! And posted on her facebook page. I scrolled through the comments, amazed at just how many people agreed with my assessment, several of the comments were just amazing. As you can imagine I'm pretty excited!

So here below I will post my review text (provided it saves properly on here)

First, this is the post from her page showing my review!

Good night, People of the Page. I arrived in New York safely and I am in a charming hotel. All the way across the continent I watched CNN news, well, most of the time anyway, and I enjoyed it. Here:s a link to a review on Amazon that I thought captured something very particular about the Wolf Gift that not too many people have mentioned. Comments welcome -----
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And second, here are the comments.....lots of them aren't about me but I don't know how to just select those so here's everything....

And finally, the amazon review :)

Customer Review

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5.0 out of 5 stars Love it so much :), April 3, 2012
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This review is from: The Wolf Gift (Hardcover)
By far my favorite Anne Rice book to date. That is saying
something as I've read her stuff since I was a little girl.
In fact, the very first movie I went to see in the
theaters was interview with a vampire (I was 5 at the
time I think). While I will freely admit some of the
philosophical elements were a little over my head, I loved
the character of Reuben and Stuart.

Reuben I could relate to because he is like me, practically
my age and having grown up in a world I understand.
I felt like I could understand his moral dilemma and his
quest for something, anything that would make it makes
sense to him. He places his hopes in a person he's never met,
doesn't even know if they exist, in an attempt to try and
rationalize what is happening to him.

Stuart was hilarious, a bit like a puppy in his mannerisms
(ironic I know but you'll see what I'm talking about if you
read the book) and in his desire to know everything; and
to savor all that life has to offer. The author description
of him is a bit like a cherub but it's quite clear that he,
too, is the spirit of this age. He's full of vitality and
exuberance. It gives him a charm all his own.

But by far my favorite part of this is that while it has
tragic portions, it isn't a tragedy. At least not in the
same way that the Mayfair witches was. There was
something infinitely sad about the aforementioned
series that there isn't here. While you do see the
questioning of existence, and the ageless agnostic
questions, the simple truth that life can be wonderful
if you let it is seeping from the pages of the book.

Anne Rice's perception of the werewolf is also extraordinary
for a few reasons. She is returning to the Lon Cheney
standard, in that the man wolf is a combination of both
human and wolf traits, and not fully one or the other while
in the grips of the change. This is significant, particularly as
the modern perception of werewolves has been as wolves.

But there is also the point of fact where she is reinventing
the wheel. Essentially, in the idea that the werewolf is in,
for the most part, complete conscious control of his or
her actions. This is extremely significant as it pertains to
this new mythology Anne Rice is creating. It becomes the
cornerstone. They are cast as vigilante style heroes for the
most part. Unable to fully be embraced for the good they do
because of the blood that is shed when they do it. But this
does not tarnish the notion of her wolves as being
"good guys" for all practical purposes. I gave this book the
virtue of my unbiased observation, I refused to read
any reviews or anything that might prejudice my opinion.
But I can honestly say I loved this book for everything
that made it unique.
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"the simple truth that life can be wonderful if you let it"

Well said. :-)

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