March 27, 2012

Book Quest Update

Alrighty so yea it's not the end of the month like I said...but all the same I thought it would be a good time to update the list. As of this morning, I'm at 20 books read since January. It's sort of psudo-impressive, though to be fair they're all sorts and some of them rather long and tedious. not in a boring way I suppose, but the sort of book you have to stop and think about as you're going through.

Chance got out of the bathroom by himself this morning. Took a nice potty break in the office downstairs. I've told everyone that a dog that big belongs outside. I'm not wrong about this. He's not happy in that bathroom, he can barely turn around in there. It might just be my personal feelings on this but big dogs are outdoor animals, somewhere they can run and play and chase squirrels and, you know, do dog stuff. Seeing him in that bathroom all day everyday is just sad. To make matters worse, it's pretty obvious that he isn't happy in there. you'd have to be a complete ninny not to know that. And okay yea we have a crazy neighbor who complains about dogs barking but guess what lady...that's what dogs too...not to mention the fact that there are more than a dozen dogs on my block, she's delusional if she thinks she can tell chance apart from the dozens on my street and the probable hundred within barking radius. I'm not much of a dog person myself, but I can tell the difference btw them, it isn't that hard.

New scentsy blocks are on the way, just about time for the office. I brought in one of the blocks I had at home, black raspberry and vanilla, because while the smell is amazing, it just simply isn't strong enough for home. To be quite honest, my apartment is quite large, one tiny plug in has to perfume the whole area (bc I haven't decided where I can put another one).

See I'm in the process of working on my space, organizing, getting things to where they've always been meant to be. It isn't easy and it's driving me a little nuts but I'm trying. The task is made alot harder by a couple of factors. First of all, I have to work around the whole I'm too broke to breathe thing, secondly, my allergies which suck btw (I can't tolerate dust at all, just a little and I have to go lie down and weeze for a bit) and finally I'm committed to doing this the right way this time. I did it the easy way, everything kinda fell apart in two years and I really don't wanna have to buy new furniture every two years because that majorly sucks. So that means I'm committed to getting good strong stuff that's going to be pretty but strong enough to last. That means no walmart. But also that means because the economy bites, what I'm looking for is going to be alot harder to find now that it was two years ago. I'm kinda kicking myself now for buying that cheap furniture in the first place. I didn't realize what garbage pressed wood really is I suppose, or I never would have purchased it. Not making that mistake twice though.

So as far as the scentsy goes, I have my eye on a nice midsize warmer that I want, but I need to get everything organized first so I know what kind of space I'm dealing with and IF there is space for that pretty little warmer. It's adorable though :) appeals to my inner diva I think. It's cotton candy pink and covered in elegant squiggles and swirls that remind me of victorian filagree (which I love) True, it's a little childish but considering my room is a big long, skinny place that looks a bit like a castle, a warmer called "tiara" would appear to fit right in :). The big issue with placement is I need to keep it far away from the cats. Kassandra says her cat doesn't bother hers at home, but I'm afraid of two things: mickey ate a shower curtain, meaning he's willing to eat just about anything AND they're all tremendously clutsy, so if the place I put it isn't secure, they will knock it over and break it...then probably try to eat it. I thought maybe my nightstand but it doesn't seem quite stable. So if I get the one I'm considering, it will probably be on the dresser or armoire (the redwood one, not the white one or the black one) bc that seems the least likely place to be worried about. But again this is after I finish everything else I've gotta do. In the meantime, the tea rose plug in, 8 feet off the ground, is going to have to suffice. Seriously though it's so high off the ground I have to stand on a chair to change the fragrance...and even then I'm on my tippy toes lol, but it does look really cool up there, like the wall is blooming hehe

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