August 8, 2008

Family reunion

As you may have guessed family is a very important part of my life. Last month we went to a family reunion. To say it was a difficult trip would be a gross understatement. It was horrible and emotional. To see the members of my family falling apart has hurt me more than you could imagine. Each and every year there are horrible tiding and whole branches sizzered off. To see some pictures of my rapidly crumbling family please copy and past the link below.
It links to my cousin juliette's pictures from the reunion.

addionally on her blog she has some rather touching videos of grandpa and aunt stephanie singing they make me so sad :( Reminds me of my grandmother, she always enjoyed singing a lovely little gospel, if i close my eyes i can picture her singing softly to me. They were all never very good at singing but you can see they put their heart into it, which makes it so special.

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