July 31, 2008


This weekend my family and i went up to indiana to visit a very sick aunt. Meanwhile a group of 4 teenagers from my brother's high school were headed to Ohio to ride some roller coasters and simply celebrate the end of summer. The 4 Teens were friends of my brothers and had the situations been different there is a chance that he would have been there. They were driving in kentucky on their way back home when the car they were in swerved into oncoming traffic and all 4 were killed when a truck carring steel bars ran into them. It makes you think really, about how fragile things are, how a simple moment can change everything. We headed home the day after and the remains of the crash had been cleared from the road with no trace that something horrible had happened just the night before . You wonder often if there is a such thing as fate and it becomes only too clear what it is all about. Now really what stops it from being my brother rather than those poor kids what caused the situation, what makes this story the foreign trajedy instead of something all too close to home? It rattles round in my head and each and every second is precious and lasting. Family is a unique thing, you scream and yell and fight and yet you know that if you couldn't yell and scream and fight then life really wouldn't be the same. It really takes a shock to the system for one to realize what it all means. Does it matter that you fight all the time and haven't said a civil word to one another. That you complain about the fact that he left your car dirty and never bothers to ask how your day was despite the fact that you live down the hall from each other he pretends you don't exist. But even after everything family is family and it is really all that counts. So rest in peace Caitlin Currey, Jackson Harris, Caitlin Lee and Ryan Williams and know that this was not the fate that anyone would have wanted for you. In fact it is not a fate you should have had to face, and each and every day we face tough choices and every little choice could lead down a fatal path.

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