April 27, 2009

I was thinking about my cousin parker today. She's the only girl cousin I have on my dad's side. I was so excited to have a girl cousin, i remember what i felt when I found out. I mean all the cousins i had on my mom's side i didn't relate to because i was always the youngest one there (well, i mean, my brothers were always younger than me but that is really not the point). It really became, though, a study in disappointment. Sure i had this little girl cousin, that i was just hoping to be like the little sister I never had. And do you know, i didn't get to see her until she was well, look at the pic. the first time I ever got to meet her. and then years and years later at my grandpa's funeral and then most recently like a few years ago. I get it, i suppose. My aunt and uncle think i am a bad influence. But when grandma just got back from a trip with a pic of her and she is just so completely different. It just goes to show you, there is absoloutely nothing you can get excited about. You know what i mean, just the most for front example of what i have found to be true, is there is really nothing anymore to get excited about.

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